Winning with Values

A programme for schools and preschools in Slovenia designed to stimulate children and youths toward ethical behaviour through activities and involvement of parents and role models.

Adding Values to Education

Learning values and ethics must begin at an early age.

About the programme

The Winning with Values programme offers support and tools to schools and teachers for teaching and reinforcing ethics and basic human values among children and youths. The programme implements the latest findings of neuroscience and psychology and places a strong emphasis on socialising mechanisms and value internalisation.

What We Have Achieved

The results of the programme's first cycle

Our Accomplishments

The programme started in the 2013/14 school year in 10% of Slovenian preschools and schools, increasing to 15% in 2014/15 and steadily growing since. The programme's supporters include President of the Republic of Slovenia Mr Borut Pahor and the Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia Dr Miro Cerar.

Over 30,000

children in preschools and schools involved in the programme

Over 2000

cases of good practice collected from participating schools

Over 150

videos of role models addressing children and visiting schools

Over 15,000

participants in our surveys of the state of ethics and values in schools

Over 250

attendants on each of our 15 educational conferences

Over 70%

of all Slovenian headmasters have attended our events

A Systematic Approach to Values

A continuous 10-module cycle.

How It Works

The programme runs in the form of 10 modules, each lasting 10 weeks. After three years, a new cycle begins, as the programme is designed to be continuous. Each module corresponds to a single value domain of the Framework of Ethics and Values.



An institution registers for the programme.



The institution appoints Guardians of Ethics and Values (teachers who coordinate the programme's activities in the school).



The IEV provides the Guardians an introductory training seminar.



The IEV performs a survey of the status of ethics and values in the institution to establish a baseline.



The Guardians are introduced to the modules (educational seminar and handbook for each module, e-classroom).



A manual including theoretical basics for each module, a list of literary and video resources, and instructions for activities.



A repository of good practices where teachers involved in the programme exchange experiences and ideas.



Teachers begin work with children, parents and among their collective in the form of activities recommended in the handbook and e-classroom.

Feedback from Schools

The programme contributes to improving schools' work in the area of ethical education.

What the Participants Say

Quotes from teachers participating in the programme.

“Our primary activity is to raise children in the spirit of values. With this programme, we have been given an opportunity to develop this systematically.”

Katarina Antloga

Mavrica Vojnik Preschool

“We strive for values in our institution, and we felt that it was time for change. The programme represents a way for values to become an important part of individuals: children, teachers and parents.”

Petra Cigan

France Prešeren Črenšovci Elementary School

“We approach the programme by educating all our employees, because I think it is important that everyone is aware of our commitment. The teachers, through cooperating with parents, then transfer this knowledge into families.”

Ivana Leskovar

Slovenska Bistrica Preschool